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Luxmark Verve

Date | 500M | Sapphire

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Luxmark Candeo Pro

Date | 500M | Sapphire

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Why Luxmark?

Extra Luminosity

Our non-radioactive AL technology delivers the world’s highest performing luminosity, in even the darkest conditions. Featuring injection molded plastics and multilayered Superluminova printing, our watches absorb energy from natural light and use it to emit their own light in dark conditions, staying bright for up to 8 hours - longer than any other watch currently on the market.

The bright dials are made from a patented materials matrix containing phosphors enhanced with rare earth metals including europium and dysprosium (to provide the glow), along with proprietary polymer alloys and specialized colorants. This technology, developed by “Visible 247™” has been certified safe for a wide range of uses, including children’s toys.

Extra Quality

Luxmark takes care to use the best quality materials and movement available in the watch industry.

With a scratch proof sapphire crystal case, the CANDEO PRO is made out of titanium, the aviation industry's material of choice. This makes it durable and strong and, yet light on the wrist.

VERVE has been specially designed to withstand being worn for different sporting pursuits, including extreme sports, camping and outdoor activities. Made of a carbon-fiber composite, the extra strong case envelopes a high grade stainless steel container that houses the quartz movement.

Extra Depth

The CANDEO PRO is designed for professional diving. A screw-down crown provide the ultimate water resistance protection, enabling the watch to withstand water pressure of 50 ATM (500 meters/ 1,500 feet).

The VERVE is also suitable for use by professional divers. It is made from the unique resin of a highly durable carbon fiber composite, and the movement housing inserted into the CP (Carbon Composite) is made out of high grade 316L stainless steel. A screw-down crown gives the VERVE ultimate water resistance protection, enabling the watch to withstand water pressure of up to 20 ATM (200 meters/ 600 feet).

Extra Color

Luxmark's AL technology not only delivers stronger and longer-lasting luminosity but also the ability to provide a range of exciting luminous colors that don’t fade quickly in the dark. These vibrant new colors bring a unique, fashionable and sport-oriented look to our watches.

Extra Accuracy

Powered by your hand movements, and thus, Luxmark's CANDEO PRO does not require a battery, and yet maintains the accuracy of a quartz watch. The CANDEO PRO charges a capacitor, which provides electricity to an integrated circuit (a chip) that gives instructions to a step motor which turns the gear that moves the hands – and all this, thanks to its C-prop technology.

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